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Protek - Red Primer fluid

gulf western oil - 10w-30 engine oil


Dunlop - Primer and Additive

dulux acratex - 500 acrapatch

dulux - zincanode 402 epoxy primer


CRC - CUTTING OIL THREAD cutting lubricant

GULF WESTERN OIL - WATER based degreaser

gulf western oil - multi-lith ep2

gulf western oil - cita grit hand cleaner

Aftek penapatch panel lw

h.b fuller - filler caulk

h.b fuller - fire sound grey fire stop sealant

h.b fuller - fire sound white fire stop sealant

h.b fuller - fulacaulk fr

forroc concure a99

glitz outdoor cleaner concentrate



BONDall - hydrchloric acid

Crommelin - shower waterproofing membrane

h.b. fuller - fulaflex 550 pu lm black

h.b. fuller - fulaflex 550 pu grey sealant

h.b. fuller - fulaflex 550 white polyurethane resin

h.b. fuller - fulaflex fr fire stop sealant

h.b. fuller - fulafoam expanding foam

h.b. fuller - fulafoam fire resistant

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 beige silicone

signet - spot marking paint fluoro colours

signet - line marking paint yellow

diggers - methylated spirits

Ramset - ultrafix plus

Unleaded petrol

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 roof & gutter translucent silicone

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 cream silicone

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 dark grey silicone

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 light grey silicone

Roundup - fast action ready to use weed killer

Sikaflex - construction +

Sikaflex - Construction Sealant

Sikaflex + Construction Sealant

WD 40 multipurpose lubricant

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 off white silicone

betta - bitumen rubber

General Purpose Cement

h.b. fuller - fulaseal 700 roof & gutter translucent silicone

davco - K10 plus waterproofing membrane

davco ultraprime

Diggers - Mineral Turpentine


Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner

Sure Lift j6wb bond breaker

Sure Lift J6D with dye

Stihl chain and bar oil

protek - blue pvc cement

Bostik Sika Tubes

British Paints 4 Seasons Defence Exterior

Builders hydrated lime

Castrol Chainsaw Oil

Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen

Dulux Zincanode 402 Cold Cure Hardener

Granosite Specialist Architectual Coatings

Osmocote Plus all purpose Plant food

Panel Grout

Wattyl Sunscreen exterior

Wattyl Trade - Interior_exterior low sheen paint

Diggers All purpose thinners

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